Micro RFID Systems         

RFID, as a technology to replace bar codes and to perform functions beyond, is
destined to pervade the economy.

The RFID revolution is currently in its infancy, much the same way as the PC
revolution in the early 1980s, and the internet revolution that followed.

The pervasive presence and applications of RFID products in the economy will
be manifold, ranging from the supply chain to security; package, asset, and
personnel tracking; sensory networks; and home and building automation, in
both the commercial and military sectors.

RFID will become integrated into the IP network, with provisions for each
distinct item in the world to have its own unique ID and tag, where so desired.

In the manufacturing arena, it will be possible for each unit of a product
manufactured to have not only its product class or type code, as was the case
with bar codes, but its own unique serial number identifying it from other,
nearly identical units.

Micro RFID Systems has developed disruptive new technology for RFID
tag-and-reader systems, solving the problems of operational reliability, range,
and most all other problems with existing RFID technology, to enable RFID to
become widespread and a viable industry.